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The air freight fee from China to USA is actually composed of three sections: the port of departure fee, the transportation section fee, and the destination port fee.
Port of departure fee: pick-up fee, port of departure operation fee, customs declaration fee, inspection fee, etc., which are mainly some expenses incurred by the port of departure.

In addition to these costs, air freight fee from China to USA include:

1. Fuel surcharge (according to the airport, the destination price is different, it used to be 3.6, the highest was 4.8 last year. This price is adjusted by the airport)

2. Security check fee, airport operation fee, terminal fee (1.72/catties), air waybill fee.

 air freight fee from China to USA

The above is the composition of billing fees of many airlines, mainly Hong Kong Airport. Because Hong Kong is a super-large free trade port, there are few restrictions, a wide range, and many cargo aircraft. There are currently 78 airlines. There are more than 100 flights every day, and it can be the first choice if the space and service are guaranteed. However, the cost is generally about 2 yuan higher than in Shanghai!

Calculation for air freight fee from China to USA

The formula for calculating the volume weight of air freight from China to the United States is: length CM * width CM * height CM / 6000. If the calculated volume weight (KG) is greater than the actual weight, it will be charged according to the volume weight.

Air freight fee from China to USA calculation: volume weight (kg) = length (CM) X width (CM) X height (CM) / 6000; volume weight (kg) = cargo volume (CBM) X 167 kg.

The air freight from China to the United States has won the support of the majority of sellers with a relatively high cost performance by integrating high-quality air freight resources and terminal delivery resources.

Air freight is suitable for sellers who have a long replenishment time, and the replenishment cycle is about 2 weeks, but they don’t want to bear the expensive logistics cost of express delivery.

Time for air shipping from China to the US

Direct flight by air, after arriving in the United States, UPS/Fedex/Kapai will be responsible for the terminal delivery, and the overall delivery time is about 7-10 days.
Goods that are suitable for the first leg of air freight
Electronic products, e-commerce small packages, other goods with high timeliness requirements or high-value goods.

 air freight fee from China to USA

What will affect the changes in air freight fee from China to USA?

Cargo type

The price charged is different for different delivery types. Some products are relatively special, so we may charge a higher fee. For ordinary products, there must be a certain discount space for their prices. This is mainly based on the value of the product to distinguish, if the value is too high, then the factors that need to be considered during the transportation process will also increase.

Cargo volume weight

The volume and weight of the cargo will also affect the price, because it will affect the type and constitution of the aircraft. Different models also have certain restrictions on the weight of the goods; some goods also need to be packaged. If they are packaged, they need pallets, wooden boxes, etc., which will also affect the air freight fee from China to USA.


air freight fee from China to USA

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