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Air freight cost from China to USA

With the acceleration of globalization and the rise of cross-border e-commerce, more and more people need to shipping from China to USA.
Among them, air freight from China to USA is one of the fastest transportation methods, and it is also one of the most commonly used transportation methods in cross-border e-commerce.

However, air freight cost from China to USA is usually much higher than that of sea and land freight, so how to calculate and reduce the cost of air freight has become a concern of many people.

How to calculate the air freight cost from China to USA?

The cost of air freight is mainly determined by the following factors:

Cargo weight

Air freight companies usually calculate the cost per kilogram, so the weight of the goods is one of the main factors affecting the air freight cost from China to USA.

Air freight cost from China to USA

Cargo volume

The air freight company will also consider the volume of the goods, because the bulky goods will take up more space, which will increase the transportation cost of the air freight company. Therefore, if the goods are light but bulky, the air freight cost will be higher.

Origin and destination

The air freight cost from China to USA between different origins and destinations will also vary, because different routes and airlines have different fees. Additionally, the distance between the origin and destination can also affect shipping time and costs.

Transportation time

Air freight companies usually calculate the cost according to the transportation time of the goods, because more fees need to be paid to ensure that the goods can reach the destination in a short time.

Other costs

In addition to the basic shipping costs, there may be some other costs, such as insurance, storage, customs clearance and so on. These fees are usually calculated on a case-by-case basis.

When calculating the air freight cost from China to USA, you can get the specific cost by asking the air freight company or using an online cost calculator. It should be noted that the cost of different air freight companies and airlines will be different, so it is necessary to compare and choose the most suitable air freight plan.

In addition to the air freight, there are additional fees for air freight from China to the United States, such as security check fees, airport operation fees, air master bill fees, fuel surcharges, declaration surcharges, dangerous goods handling fees, and bill of lading fees, also known as air waybills.

Air freight cost from China to USA

Production cost, centralized cargo service fee, freight bill cost, freight bill cost, destination station storage fee, etc.

The above fees are set by the airlines according to their own operating costs. Generally, the waybill fee is fixed, and other surcharges are constantly adjusted, which may change once a few months or once a week. According to off-season, peak season, international oil prices and other factors, the differences between various airlines are not small.

How to reduce air freight cost from China to USA?

Although air freight can be expensive, there are a few ways you can help keep costs down.

Reasonable choice of transportation method: In addition to air transportation, you can also choose other transportation methods such as sea transportation and land transportation. Shipping by sea may be a little cheaper than by air if time permits.

Reduce the weight and volume of goods: The weight and volume of goods are the main factors affecting the cost of air freight, so some measures can be taken to reduce the weight and volume of goods, such as choosing lightweight packaging materials.

Air freight cost from China to USA

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