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If you need to import a lot of products from China and the time is very urgent,then you can consider Air Freight.Do you know how much does Air Freight cost China to USA?
If you are a newbie,you can keep the above shipping rates in mind and ask your Chinese supplier or freight forwarder for help.

However,you can carry out the shipping process yourself,then the next one will surely interest you.

Usually,the formula for Air Freight cost China to USA is calculated like this:Volume weight(kg)=length(cm)*width(cm)*height(cm)/5000

Air Freight cost China to USA per kilogram for your reference.
For more than 500kg,the Air Freight all-inclusive price is about$5.5/kg,and the express price is$6.5/kg,which can be compared intuitively.But this price I am giving you does not include the cost from the Chinese factory to the Chinese airport.
Air Freight time=time required for booking+flight time+local delivery time in the United States.It usually takes 4-7 days in total.

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

Air Freight cost China to USA

As a special process,Air Freight cost China to USA requires a range of rates.In addition to Air Freight,other services should be provided:
Fuel Surcharge
security surcharge
container freight station
airport transfer
When door-to-door service is selected,the following services are added:
customs clearance
Pickup and Delivery
Cargo Insurance
Additional fee
There are some rules for calculating Air Freight cost China to USA based on the charged weight.

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

Factors Affecting the Air Freight cost China to USA.

Considering Air Freight from China to the United States,there are several factors that affect the Air Freight cost China to USA,which can be controlled through investigation:


When people need something special,its cost increases.Therefore,when the demand for special shipping services rises,so does the Air Freight cost China to USA.
Containers(ULDs):They are used to hold goods due to travel damage.If a specific kind of container is used to protect the goods,the price will be higher.
Manpower:The number of workers who help move goods or handle paperwork affects costs.


There are different speed options to deliver the goods,the sooner the product is received;the higher the fee should be paid.

Economic conditions

Costs increase when economic conditions are good.

Regional factors

strikes,wars,terrorism,etc.some situations can lead to low demand.Generally,airlines will optimize costs based on the situation.

Operating Expenses

Will increase through increased fuel costs,tariffs,landing fees,parking fees and security measures and Air Freight costs.
Temperature Sensitive Cargo:Transshipment of cargo that requires special temperatures is more expensive than other cargoes.

Weight and volume

They are important for pricing,as larger and heavier items cost more.

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

Cheapest Air Freight cost China to USA

For 150 to 500 kg shipments,standard Air Freight is considered the cheapest shipping method at around$3 per kg.When the cargo is lighter,its dimensional weight will be calculated instead of its actual weight.

The cheapest Air Freight cost China to USA can be easily checked in Xiongda service as the best reference to find the ideal price.A large number of advertisements are displayed for different customers to choose from.So finding the cheapest Air Freight option online right now is not a daunting task.

The difference between express and Air Freight

Both Air Freight from China to USA and express use planes to transport goods.If you want to know the difference between the two and when to choose express or air.

Express is very simple and straightforward,while Air Freight is a little more complicated,and its import and export procedures are similar to traditional sea freight.It includes the following three steps:
China local logistics and export process.
Air Freight from Chinese airports to US airports.
U.S.local logistics and import process.
Shipping time from China to the United States

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

Standard air shipping from China to the US is usually around 8 to 10 days due to the complicated process.

However,express air shipping from China to USA takes about 2 or 3 days.The restrictions associated with Air Freight are higher in Air Freight,which makes the process longer and more complicated.

When the importer knows all the details and the exact shipping time,he or she can well plan to receive the goods on time.Typical dates for this standard are working days,irrespective of receipt dates,weekends and holidays.The actual delivery date is based on the zip code of the destination.

Therefore,longer distances,customs clearance and flight delays increase delivery dates.Increase the transit time when the customs declaration documents are complete and there is no risk of being detained by the customs.When the importer declares to customs,this period will be increased by a day or two.

Add 2 days or 4 days when the luggage is declared as Chinese goods.In order to reduce the risk level,documents in some areas are incomplete;such as shipper name,false declared value,etc.,should be filled out correctly.

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

Air Freight process

One of the key points in Air Freight from China to the US is to consult a customs broker or freight forwarder to avoid any financial penalties or issues.

There are several important steps for Importing goods from China:

1.Assembling the goods is accomplished by collecting,preparing and packing the goods,which should be done by the importer or freight forwarder.
2.After packing and marking the goods,all safety and shipping documents should be prepared by making RFT(Read for Transport).
3.Once the package arrives,it will remain in the warehouse until delivery.
4. will be picked up according to the order and POA(Proof of Acceptance).
5.The cargo will be checked and the appropriate flight date will be arranged.They will then be rechecked for label errors.Also,all customs documents should be prepared.
6.The goods are combined according to the rules,and the main waybill(Air WayBill)is issued.Then,all cargo is transferred to the airport.
7.According to previous bookings,the goods are ready for stocking and all incoming and administrative checks will be completed.
8.ULDs are prepared according to some instructions.After security,the cargo will be loaded and ready to fly.
9.The goods will be checked according to the documents and ready to be trucked to the warehouse.
10.After receiving the goods,check that they are not damaged in any way.Then they are ready to be delivered.

If you have any questions about Air Freight cost China to USA,please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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