How much do you know about air forwarding from China to the USA?

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China to the USA air forwarding freight price? What’s the air forwarding freight from China to the USA? How long does it take to get to America by air? If you want to know the specific price of air freight logistics from China to the USA, you need to make clear the airport of departure, the airport of destination, the name of the goods, the volume, the weight, and whether it is dangerous goods and other information.

Give you a brief introduction to China to the USA air forwarding price. What’s the air forwarding from China to the USA? The relevant issues of.

From China to the international transport of goods to the USA air services include: China’s international airport to the American airport air cargo transportation services, air door (China factory) China to our airport, China air door to door to the USA, China’s airport to door by air to the USA, these services, the service content under different trade terms need is not the same. The exact type of air service required from China to the USA  depends on the terms of trade negotiated between the consignee and the seller.

China to the USA air forwarding services according to the different terms of trade between customers and suppliers, the different logistics needs of the consignee, and the corresponding international air freight forwarder to provide different quotes and services. Companies engaged in commercial trade in the United States and the local consumers in the United States, their shop owners in the choice of China to the USA air transport services as far as possible to provide detailed cargo information and their own china air freight forwarder to communicate with the appropriate air transport plan, as far as possible to meet their own needs.


air forwarding
air forwarding


Air freighing prices from China to the USA

The price of air transport from China to the United States is usually divided into five levels: 45KGS, 100KGS, 300KGS, 500KGS, and 1000KGS. The price of each level is different, of course, the price of different airlines is also different.

Airport of departure: China cargo airports such as Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, etc.

Destination AIRPORTS: Kennedy International Airport, Chicago O ‘Hare International Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle International Airport.

Calculation methods

Actual weight

It is the weighed weight of the goods, including the actual gross weight (G.W.) and the actual net weight (N.W.).

Now air freight line is more often calculated by the actual gross weight. The actual gross weight is often compared with the calculated volume weight, and the larger one is calculated and the freight charged.

Actual weight = gross weight of the goods + packing weight


shipping from China to the US


Volume Weight

Weight is calculated from the volume of a cargo according to a certain conversion factor or formula. In air cargo transport, the conversion factor for calculating volumetric weight is generally 1:167, that is, one cubic meter is about 167kg. If it is more than 167kg, it is heavy cargo.

Volume weight = Length * width * height /6000CM (international common algorithm)

If the volume weight (KG) obtained is greater than the actual weight, the charge will be based on the volume weight, which is called the toss. If more than 167KG per cubic meter, then heavy cargo; Otherwise, it is light goods. The ocean line is directly the volume, if the volume is greater than the weight (tons), according to the body calculation, and vice versa according to the weight.

Generally, the charging method of special line freight forwarding in the USA is as described above. The charging standard of each freight forwarding company is different. If you want to save transportation costs, you have to look at which logistics company’s single kg cost is cheaper.

Of course, it is not to say that according to the cost of the goods to choose, we should also according to the freight forwarder’s qualification, strength, transport time, service boarding comparative consideration, after all, the time is not guaranteed, affect the transport of goods; Service is not good, encountered problems are difficult to solve. So you have to do a lot of comparisons.

The advantage of choosing air forwarding in the USA is that it is faster in time and safer. At present, many logistics companies provide air forwarding to the USA. The following is to introduce the content of air forwarding to the USA.


air shipping from China to USA
air shipping from China to USA


What is the air freighing to the USA?

Direct or transit

Although most of Shenzhen to the USA support direct air transport, some airlines will also provide connecting flights, the time is relatively slow. If there is demand, you can consult the logistics company.

Tax-inclusive and non-tax inclusive

The main reason for the tax package is that the logistics company will make some adjustments to the customs clearance data of the customers, to control the tax in a reasonable range; Do not include tax if the customer’s goods and materials are truthfully reported.

How long is the time limit for air forwarding to the USA?

Air delivery time: 2-5 days or so; Customs clearance and delivery: about 3-5 days; Therefore, the overall time limit from Shenzhen to theUSA by air is about 7-10 days.

Customers can track the shipping records of packages by checking the logistics information.

What are the banned products for air forwarding to the USA?

  • Imitation and infringing products
  • Flammable and explosive dangerous goods
  • Liquid and powder
  • Products prohibited from shipment in the United States
  • Products prohibited from transportation by state and aviation
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