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Air cargo from China to the USA

From China to the United States of the air cargo, port of departure costs: pick up costs, port of departure operation costs, customs clearance costs, inspection costs and so on, mainly is the port of departure will produce a few costs. For air freight from China to the USA, in addition to these costs, there are:

Air cargo from China to the USA, fuel surcharge (depending on airport, destination price, this price is adjusted by airport)
Air cargo from China to the USA, security check fee, airport operation fee, dock fee (1.72/ kg), air waybill fee.

The above is the composition of accounting fees for many airlines, mainly Hong Kong airports. Because Hong Kong is the largest free trade port in the world, and Hong Kong airport is the largest airport in the world, with fewer restrictions, a wide range, and more cargo planes. There are currently 78 airlines. With more than 100 flights a day, it can be a prime option if space and service are guaranteed.

Air freight from China to the USA, cost calculation:

Volume weight (kg)= Length (CM)X width (CM)X height (CM)/6000;

Volume weight (kg)= volume of cargo (CBM)X167 kg.

Air cargo from China to the USA
Air cargo from China to the USA

air cargo from China to the USA, customs clearance requirements:

The United States government to the USA air customs clearance comprehensive requirements formally strict implementation of House/Manifest detailed information mandatory declaration system. The cross-border logistics service provider of Haitotong kindly reminds us that to ensure that the goods can be shipped to the booked flight on time, we should pay attention to the matters to be noted in the making or operation of the BILL of lading, including the following:

Master Bill of lading:

If the consignee and consignor are both parties to the direct transaction, the exact name of the commodity must be filled in on the bill of lading.

If both consignee and consignor are freight forwarders, the mixed cargo must be filled in the cargo name column of the master bill of lading; the House label must be attached to each shipment with accompanying documents. The house label must reflect the actual consignee, consignor, and product name, and 6 manifest copies are attached outside the envelope of the attached document.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Requirements for information on the master waybill and sub-waybill:

Name of consignee or consignor, no more than 35 characters (including letters and digits)

B, street location, no more than 35 characters (including letters and numbers)

C, city, no more than 17 characters (e.g. NEW YORK)

D, state/province, no more than 9 characters (e.g. NY)

E, country, no more than 2 characters (e.g. US)

In addition to the above, the first 17 characters in the first or second column of the shipper’s address must contain the name of the shipper’s city.

As the US Customs requires us to provide the loading information of each shipment of HAWB by air, currently the cargo station can be assembled according to MAWB, so it is stipulated that only one shipment of HAWB can be attached to each shipment of MAWB; (HAWB means House Air Waybill)

For pallets, the exact Number Of Pieces must be marked in the SLAC(Shipper’s Load and Count) column and the SLAC label must be pasted on one side Of the pallets.

The US Customs does not accept the name of GOODS like “SPARE PARTS” OR “ELECTRONIC GOODS”, so specific names must be listed in HAWB and Manifest in detail, otherwise it is easy to be detained by the Customs in the US customs clearance.Master air waybill: HKD15/BL is the bill of lading fee – Title document.

International air logistics
International air logistics

air cargo from China to the USA, how to choose the air distribution channel:

The United States is located in the south of North America, facing the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The modes of transportation for goods exported from China to the United States are sea and air, and most of the goods are usually transported to the United States by air, which has the advantage of fast aging.

First of all, what is an American spaceman?

Air cargo from China to the United States will be delivered to the designated address or Amazon warehouse by FEDEX/UPS after arriving in the United States.

Air cargo from China to the United States, the United States also divided into two types of products: direct flights and diverted flights

So what kind of empties to choose is also very important.

air freight from China to USA
air freight from China to USA

What are the advantages of air freight from China to USA?

Air freight from China to the United States is also a way for more people to choose because the transportation time is short, the safety is high, and logistics companies will also provide customs clearance and delivery services, which has more advantages.

Air cargo from China to the USA, professional services:

Air freight from China to the United States, what should we pay attention to? Xiong Da international logistics provides 24 hours a day one-stop air freight service from pick-up, packaging, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, port of destination customs clearance, customs, delivery to FBA warehouse, and more value-added services.

Air cargo from China to the USA, simple procedure:

Air freight from China to the United States is easy to operate. Once the goods are delivered to our warehouse Xiong Da international will arrange export declaration and inspection procedures immediately upon receipt of the goods. Your customer only needs to receive the goods at the destination port.

Cheap air freight from China to the USA:

Xiong Da international has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with major airlines, which can provide customers with the most favorable American air freight prices, reduce the cost of American air freight, and provide good prices for the export of goods.

China to the United States by air door to door
China to the United States by air door to door

Air cargo from China to the USA, safe and fast:

What should we pay attention to in air freight from China to the United States? Shenzhen, the Guangzhou direct flight, generally 1-3 days to arrive, guaranteed safety. If necessary, you can buy insurance, most goods can guarantee 100% of the full insurance, and goods lost and damage phenomenon, can pay 100% of the full compensation.

Air cargo from China to the USA, dedicated line service:

Xiong Da international has been focusing on the US dedicated lines for 10 years. Its delivery is stable, local express in the US enjoys favorable prices, strong timeliness, and guaranteed 100% service quality.

Air cargo from China to the USA, sufficient space:

Xiong Da International specializes in designing the most cost-effective air transport plans for you, ensuring that they are fast, professional, and efficient, which can save you international air transport costs and reduce international air transport costs. In addition, Xiongda international has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign airlines. In the peak season of air travel, it is 100% guaranteed to have enough space to solve your problems.

What can’t be shipped by air from China to the USA?

First of all, you need to know whether your goods should be dangerous goods such as flammable goods, as helicopters are not allowed to carry such items.

Your international air cargo to the United States can not have liquid, if it is mechanical equipment, then the gear oil in the facilities must be removed, do not say can be on the helicopter, but not all liquid can not be above the helicopter; If be water sample, diagnosis and treatment tap water this kind wait for an object if have quarantine to confirm, be able to go up helicopter likewise.

You must pay attention to the air products specifications and bulk goods net weight, aviation goods for helicopter flight specification is very sensitive, micro and small and medium-sized helicopter for this product length, width, and height of arbitrary two surfaces with goods cannot be installed more than 80 cm, and the net weight of bulk items in the most appropriate is not more than 80 kg, otherwise is not on a helicopter as well; Even if some goods can carry more than 80KG, the airline will add overcharge.

For air cargo from China to the United States, magnetic goods are not allowed by air.

Air logistics from China to the United States
Air logistics from China to the United States

Dangerous goods

Domestic air transport is strictly prohibited.

metal manufacturing

There must be cardboard boxes, and wooden pallet boxes to carry air parts.


Powder non-dangerous goods must be certified by a chemical research institute to be able to travel by air

Animals and plants

Plants need animal and plant quarantine to confirm that they can go by air.

Product volume and specification The size of the helicopter type for the tracking channel is limited by the specifications of parts and the net weight of parts. The parts within the specification range can be carried by air.

Air cargo from China to the USA
Air cargo from China to the USA

Food industry:

Bean curd, chili sauce, milk, pickles, and other items should be liquid meat products, be sure to choose air consignment. Fermented bean curd, fermented honey, shrimp paste, chili paste, and other meat products are most suitable and do not need to be carried on a helicopter. In addition, there is a unique strong fragrance of tropical fruits, such as jackfruit, and mango can not immediately carry a helicopter, can choose air consignment.

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