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What is an agent in China for shipping?

Before you proceed to seek the services of agent in China for shipping, you must understand who they are. what are they doing? Shipping agents usually represent ship owners. They perform different duties with the interests of their clients at the center.

Therefore, a Chinese shipping agent is a Chinese individual or company performing such duties. He does this in a port of his choice.
Shipping agents perform different duties. Including local operation, customs clearance management, cost, etc.

Some documents used by agent in China for shipping

Quote – Quote is intended to provide the total cost of the shipping procedure.

Bill of Lading – A bill of lading provides details about the type, quantity and destination of the goods being shipped.

Packing List – As the name suggests, a packing list outlines the type of shipment and the size and quantity of each item.

Commercial Invoice – A commercial invoice helps your shipment pass customs and serves as proof of sale.

Certificate of Origin – A Certificate of Origin certifies that the goods have been completely manufactured, produced and obtained from a specific country.

Product Certification – Product Certification verifies that your merchandise has been tested for quality and performance and meets required standards.

Shipper’s Instruction Letter – As the name suggests, a Shipper’s Instruction Letter outlines all the shipper’s instructions on what to do with the shipment.

Dangerous Goods Form – If your shipment is identified as dangerous, a Dangerous Goods form should be issued. This helps to handle your cargo with care.

agent in China for shipping

Does the agent in China for shipping handle the customs clearance process?

Yes, they have. A China freight forwarder will assist you when your shipment goes through customs.
Below are some of the roles they will perform on your behalf;
They will pay taxes and duties
The shipping agent will also submit all paperwork to the officer.
They will also help with transactions involving customs

Managing customs clearance is often an overwhelming phase when shipping from China to USA. Every importer can confirm this.If you find an agent in China for shipping, this stage will be less overwhelmed. China Shipping Agency will handle the entire customs clearance process. This will make your job easier and more manageable.

agent in China for shipping

What benefits can an agent in China for shipping bring you?

1. Professional Services

You may have difficulty finding a good shipping company for a foreign company and need to manage the logistics on a daily basis. If you choose a shipping agent, it will save you time and money in finding a shipping company and dealing with other issues.

2. Good relationship with shipping company

If you don’t have experience in China, it can be difficult to find a good shipping company for your shipment. An good agent in China for shipping has established good relationships with several shipping companies and can help you ship your cargo through the most cost-effective carrier.

3. Better rates than booking direct from the operator

An good agent in China for shipping will buy space from the carrier at a lower price than a drop shipper and sell it to you at a better price than booking direct from the carrier. This way, you can benefit from them for less!

agent in China for shipping

4. Faster delivery time and updated tracking information

With a shipping agent, you don’t have to worry about delivering your product or tracking information. Your shipments will arrive in less time because they have in-depth local knowledge and know how to get your package delivered quickly. They will also keep you informed of your shipment’s tracking information for peace of mind.

5. Customs clearance and other paperwork support

For new importers unfamiliar with the process, the amount of documentation required to clear customs can be overwhelming. The paperwork required by the destination country needs to be filled out accurately, otherwise it may result in delayed delivery or even extra charges for you. A good shipping agent can handle all these requirements efficiently.

Shipping methods offered by agent in China for shipping

Sea freight

Ocean freight from China to USA is the most widely used shipping method because it allows us to ship large quantities of goods to the other side of the world at competitive prices. You can send your goods by 2 formulas:
LCL: You combine cargo with other shippers in one container.
FCL: You keep the entire container. Containers are sealed from departure to arrival.

Air transport

While it is not an expensive and polluting shipping solution, air freight makes it possible to transport goods over long distances and quickly. But it does get your package shipped from China to the US in 7-12 days.

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