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The 20-foot container dimensions is 6.1M×2.44M×2.59M. The gross weight of cargo is generally 17.5 tons, and the volume is 24-26 cubic meters.

We usually see sea freight for the 20-foot, 40-foot container called Dry Cargo Container Dry Cargo Container, and some people call it a cargo container. This kind of container is used to transport the temperature control is not required for the general cargo, the use of a wide range.

Container’s greatest success lies in the standardization of its products and the establishment of a set of transport system. Can make a load of dozens of tons of huge things to achieve standardization, and as a basis for the gradual realization of the global ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport logistics system to match.



20-Foot Container Dimensions

20-Foot Container Dimensions



What is the container content?

Container content refers to the loading volume calculated according to the size of the container. The same specification of the container, due to the structure and manufacture of different materials, its internal volume slightly different. Container content is the material department or other container must grasp the important technical information.

Container content area, the loading volume calculated by the size of the container, container size, that is, the maximum length, width and height dimensions of the container interior.

Height for the box bottom plate surface to the bottom of the box top plate distance, width for the distance between the two inner liner, the length of the box door for the amount of inner side plate to the end of the wall liner between the distance. It determines the maximum size of the inner volume of the container and the cargo inside the box.

Inside 20-foot container dimensions

  • 20-foot container: the volume inside the container is 5.69m*2.13m*2.18m, the gross weight of the cargo is generally 17.5 tons, and the volume is 24-26 cubic meters.
  • 20-foot open top container: the inner volume is 5.89m*2.32m*2.31m, the gross weight of cargo is 20 tons, and the volume is 31.5 cubic meters.
  • 20-foot flat-bottomed container: internal volume 5.85m*2.23m*2.15m, gross weight 23 tons, volume 28 cubic meters.
  • 20 Reefer Container: internal volume 5.428m*2.266m*2.240m 24.060KGS, volume 27.5 cubic meters.


20-Foot Container Dimensions

20-Foot Container Dimensions


20-foot container internal dimensions

  • 20-foot open top container: internal volume is 5.89×2.32×2.31m, volume is 31.5 cubic meters;
  • 20′ flat-bottomed cargo container: internal volume 5.85 x 2.23 x 2.15 meters, volume 28 cubic meters;
  • Inside dimensions of 20’GP: 5898mm(L) x 2352mm(W) x 2393mm(H);
  • Internal dimensions of 40’GP: 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2393mm (H);
  • Internal dimensions of 40′ HC: 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2698mm (H).

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20-Foot Container Dimensions

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